Dark Potion Printing presents: Quantum Punctuation, featuring the Affirmation Point

You thought the period was the end. It’s just the beginning.

Imagine a punctuational middle-path between the period and the exclamation point, a more nuanced option between two extremes to better measure your approval of or pleasure with something. Cooler than the hyper-excited exclamation point, warmer than the muted, indifferent period.

With this in mind we began experimenting with some punctuation design ideas to address this gap in the register and have developed a punctuation mark that we’ve dubbed the Affirmation Point (aka ‘checkpoint’):

Affirmation Point

The check mark carries connotations of approval, consent and even security. These underlying associations combined with its healthy, alert looking flair perched atop the point give the character precisely what it needs to communicate ‘measured enthusiasm’ or ‘hearty yet staid consent’.

All this punctuation marination got us thinking about greater (more ridiculous) possibilities and we began experimenting with punctuation-glyph crossbreeds. We’ve developed a set of this new kind of punctuation called Pictuation- punctuation marks that serve to ‘pictogrammatically’ underline or emphasize the emotion of a given message. Some can be used somewhat practically while others strike a more singular (absurd) tone. To see more click here or check out our facebook page.


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