Meta-Sarcastic Punctuation: The SarcMark, the SansSarc & the Punctuation Point

The SarcMark

Last year sarcasm received what some view as a long overdue punctuation mark when Michigan-based company Sarcasm Inc. unveiled their newly invented SarcMark. The character’s purpose is to ensure that messages that are intended to be sarcastic won’t be misinterpreted as anything otherwise, thus eliminating potentially awkard and confusing messaging.

And so the SarcMark, the great disambiguator of otherwise ambiguous messages has taken a giant leap forward  for the irony-challenged portion of mankind.  But is it possible that it’s only leapt halfway across this chasm of punctuational ambiguity? What about those occasions when you need a punctuation mark that affirms that your sentence or message is most definitely NOT ironic/sarcastic? Surely such misunderstandings are equally pervasive.

Wouldn’t you then need….a SansSarc?

 e.g. – Don’t let serious messages be mistaken for sarcastic ones. Use the SansSarc. Seriously.

And for those occasions when the only punctuation mark that will suffice is the kind that single-handedly captures the semiotic vastness of punctuation in general, look no further than the punctuation mark of all punctuation marks: The Punctuation Point. Of course it also has perhaps the narrowest usage imaginable….

The following two example sentences are likely the only two sentences in the English language in which use of the punctuation point is appropriate:

Punctuation Point

e.g. – This sentence ends with the punctuation point. 

e.g. – The only real problem with punctuation is that there’s not nearly enough of it.


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